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Seasons 3 is the third edition of a beauty & art book first launched in Paris. Caroline Wachsmuth takes you through a year-long journey through the seasons and their corresponding recipes, including tips and practices. An advocate of DIY everything, she shares her personal experiences and creations made throughout her career in the beauty industry, healing arts, and bodywork. PRE ORDER NOW-SHIPPING starts October 15.
This book is not a conventional recipe book. It is about enjoying the freedom of creating beauty for yourself, and exploring what feels and smells good to you. You can start with a tea or soup recipe, then choose a lip balm or a hair and body oil. You can choose to read guidance on meditation, or simply flip through the pages filled with beautiful watercolors illustrations and pen drawings by Caroline’s friend, French art director and illustrator Isabelle Rivoire-Grange. The magic of their artistic collaboration goes way back when in Paris. No matter the relocations and the distance, it only got better through the years and numerous co-creations.