Mudra Charm
Mudra Charm Mudra Charm Mudra Charm Mudra Charm Mudra Charm
$ 165.00
- Sacred gesture of the hand in Sanskrit. The Buddhist symbol Vitarka-Mudra is a gesture of teaching and meditation. The thumb joins the forefinger in a circle to keep the energy flowing.

This charm also acts to protect against the evil eye, a misfortune sent by someone envious.

- Available in Small (5/8"-15mm with 1.2pt Diamond) or Large (1"-24mm with 2pt Diamond).
Available in Bronze or Sterling Silver.
*Large Bronze Mudra comes with Sapphire instead of Diamond.
Also available in Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold (price upon request). Please email requests to with the item name, material, stones (if any) and quantity desired.

- Your charm will be shipped on a silk tie in one of the colors from the current season's palette. If you have a specific color preference, please write us a note at checkout.